General Questions

What is the cost of a RESS System?

$1,495 for a complete system that includes a full set of custom reports.  We also have other RESS systems for those operations that just need the basics.  RESS is competitively priced to match your scheduling needs.  If you don't see the package you need contact us at 877-207-4275 or for the current price of a RESS system that won’t break your budget.


Can I create my own reports?

Yes, RESS ships with a report writer that enables you to create dazzling reports for the printer, the screen or the web.  A complete set of customized reports is included with your the purchase of your RESS system.


Can I create HTML reports for publication on my web site?

Yes, reports from RESS can be produced in HTML format for use on your web site.  The links below demonstrate some of the options available in RESS for web reporting.

Technical Questions

Will RESS convert the files from previous RESS versions to the new file format so I won't have reenter all my reservations?

Yes, RESS has an upgrade utility that will convert all your old files to the new file format.


Is there a limit to the number of reservations that I can make using RESS?

Theoretically there is an upper limit to the number of records that can be contained in our reservation tables, but each system is different depending on the configuration.  We have tested to RESS to 15,000 reservations per month.  Because of the way that RESS stores each reservation, we believe the number of reservations is limited only by the size of the storage media.


My Night Manager hates separating the print-outs from my old reservation system and collating them.  How does RESS handle the printing of multiple copies of multi-page documents?

When printing multiple copies of reports, RESS prints the entire report and then prints the next copy and so on.  The output is collated for you.


I have two printers attached to my system, one prints most of the daily reports and the other, an old dot matrix, that  I use to print door cards.  How will RESS deal with this situation?

RESS has 10 definable printer tables that could select up to 10 printers automatically.  Reports are assigned to printer tables when they print.  The redirection to different printers for different reports is automatic.© 2020 RESS By Integrated Management Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved | Sitemap