Event Scheduling
Rooms, buildings and resources conflict freecheckmark checkmark
Automatically include multiple level chargescheckmark checkmark
Spell Checkingcheckmark checkmark
Use "Best Fit" to find available roomscheckmark checkmark
Email customer confirmationscheckmark checkmark
RESS audit records changescheckmark checkmark
Create invoicescheckmark checkmark
Schedule recurring events with global update and deletecheckmark checkmark
Schedule block(room) reservations for recurring eventscheckmark checkmark
Include and manage audio visual equipment inventories for events checkmark O
Schedule event personnel for eventscheckmark O
Include food service detailcheckmark
Interfaces with RessNetcheckmark
Manage Receivablescheckmark
Information Searches
Graphical facility use displaycheckmark checkmark
Hundreds of predefined reservation searches, thousands of others you designcheckmark checkmark
Create reminder lists for printing or import to Outlookcheckmark checkmark
Search printed report listscheckmark checkmark
View and print future income projectionscheckmark
View and print at-a-glance resource usagecheckmark
Create and print reservation confirmationscheckmark checkmark
Create and print canceled confirmationscheckmark checkmark
Email confirmations, cancellation and all other reportscheckmark checkmark
Unlimited user defined reportscheckmark checkmark
Create reports in html, PDF, text, rich text and xml formats for import to other products like Excelcheckmark checkmark
Create files for digital signage systemscheckmark checkmark
Able to preview all reports before printing, cancellation and all other reportscheckmark checkmark
print facility reservations for digital door signs and/or papercheckmark checkmark
print operations(setup) and other management reportscheckmark checkmark
Work Orderscheckmark checkmark
Reminderscheckmark checkmark
food and beverage detailscheckmark
User definable statistical reportscheckmark
Phone messagingcheckmark
Conference and Meeting Capabilities
Create registration websites from RESScheckmark
Register conference and meeting attendees locally or the Internetcheckmark
Communicate with meeting attendees via emailcheckmark
Print nametags, desk plates, mailing labels, etc.checkmark
Create registration income reportscheckmark
Keeping Track of Business
Create and print invoicescheckmark checkmark
Audit reports for tracking daily transaction and operator statisticscheckmark checkmark
Separate accounting functions for securitycheckmark checkmark
Audit reports for tracking daily transaction and operator statisticscheckmark checkmark
Define users responsible for invoice paymentcheckmark checkmark
Includes accounts receivable systemcheckmark
Print and email monthly statementscheckmark
System Stuff
Print-to-file functions enable easy export to other programscheckmark checkmark
Define program screen colorscheckmark checkmark
Define an unlimited number of buildings, rooms, event types, users, setupscheckmark checkmark
Extensive operator security levelscheckmark checkmark
Operator room authorization security assignmentscheckmark checkmark
Define multiple user contactscheckmark checkmark
Define workstation setup locally or globallycheckmark checkmark
Numerous file maintenance utilitiescheckmark checkmark
Define an unlimited number of audio visual items, special items and food items(menus) checkmark O
Import externally generated reservation information from other systemscheckmark
Room diagram integration with Room Viewercheckmark

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